22-03-02 ODonovan Waste

Waste management and recycling specialist O'Donovan Waste Disposal has added a Scania L-series chassis to its fleet.

The vehicle, which has a Transport for London five star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating, is part of an order for four Scania skiploaders, supplied by Scania’s Purfleet depot.

O'Donovan’s skiploader is based on an L 250 4x2 chassis and comes with Scania's seven-litre 250 horsepower engine. The vehicle's low height, low roof cab features automatic lowering when stationary to provide easy access via a 790mm wide entry step.

The vehicle is also equipped with Scania's City Safe window in the passenger door. To provide further protection for vulnerable road users, O’Donovan has also added additional safety features including a side scan system, side under-run protection, left hand turn audible alarms and all-round CCTV.

Boughton's Power-Reach 18 (PR18) skiploader equipment is also fitted to the which features independent telescopic lift arms which enables skips to be dropped off and retrieved from otherwise inaccessible spaces. Loads in transit are secured by Boughton's Intacova auto-sheeting system.

Jacqueline O’Donovan, MD at O’Donovan Waste, said: “The whole purpose of adding the Scania L-series vehicle is about taking innovative steps and encouraging the sector to be forward-thinking as we work to reduce road danger for all users."

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"We have had Scania trucks on our fleet for many years and their ongoing technical advances and commitment to sustainability match our own priorities.

“As a dynamic company known for progressive decisions, we are keen to ensure we are making the best choices to help further protect vulnerable road users as well as the environment.

“We continue to make significant ongoing investments in our fleet and drivers to ensure that we are in the best possible position to do this."

Scania, UK Sales Director Vincente Connolly added: “Since its launch, the Scania L-series has been utilised nationwide in a range of applications spanning local distribution to refuse collection.

“We are delighted O'Donovan Waste Disposal has now become the country's first waste management specialist to specify the chassis for a skiploader.

“With its low driving position and excellent all-round visibility, the cab is ideally suited to intensive urban operations, such as those undertaken by O'Donovan in and around the capital.

“We wish the company's team every success with the vehicle and look forward to continuing to develop the long-standing relationship between our two organisations."