O'Donovan Econics lined up

O’Donovan Waste Disposal’s latest three Mercedes-Benz Econic units give the North London operator what is believed to be the largest fleet of direct vision skip-loaders in the UK.

The waste management firm was the first UK operator to purchase an Econic 4×2 1830L skip loader in 2016, and since then has boosted this number to six in total.

In addition, around one-third of the fleet is fitted with additional glazed panels on the nearside door to boost visibility of cyclists alongside the truck.

In total, 36 trucks on the 90-strong fleet already give the driver enhanced direct vision from the cab, with 17 more on order, 14 of which will be Econics.

O’Donovan’s fleet trucks also feature additional safety features such as camera systems and left-hand audible alarms to help detect and warn vulnerable road users in close proximity to the vehicle.

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Fors gold member O’Donovan Waste Disposal has been working closely with the Clocs initiative since its launch and is keen champion road safety in the capital within the construction sector.

MD Jacqueline O’Donovan said: “As a progressive company, we are keen to ensure we are making the best choices to help further protect vulnerable road users.

“We continue to make significant ongoing investments in our fleet and drivers to ensure that our commitment to road safety and direct vision is an integral part of our policy and reinforces our pledge to improve road safety for all."

She added that as large infrastructure projects, such as HS2 and Thames Tideway, come on-line, the need for contractors to run the safest vehicles is paramount “and this is the ambition we aspire to”.