Norbert Dentressangle (ND) has renewed its UK warehousing and packing contract with Kellogg’s after it was able to demonstrate that the partnership reduced costs.

The logistics company said over the last five years it had helped create a more integrated supply chain, as well as generate “significant value”.

ND operates a 600,000ft² high bay, part-automated warehouse in Trafford Park and this includes a 15,000sft² contract packing area.

The operation handles more than one million pallets and picks 10 million cases per year for Kellogg’s customers in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

“We have absolute confidence in ND's ability to provide the services we need today and to adapt and flex these services in line with our changing requirements - our renewed commitment to them is a reflection of this,” said Kellogg’s European distribution director, Patrick McCooey.

An ND spokeswoman declined to say how long the contract was for or how much it was worth.

In April, ND confirmed that a contract won by the Jigsaw consortium to handle Kellogg’s less-than-truck-load volumes was previously handled by the company.