NFT Distribution has added 82 Renault Range T460 6x2 tractor units with sleeper cabs and 40 new Schmitz Cargobull tri-axle reefer trailers to its fleet in a bid to cut fuel use and emissions.

The addition of the new trucks - the first in NFT’s striking new livery - follows a 2017 deal where NFT began operating 20 Range Ts for Sainsbury’s, followed by a further 32 Range T 6x2 tractor units supplied on a 12-month rental agreement through RH Rentals. As part of the latest deal for 82 vehicles, the contract for 32 vehicles has also been extended for a further 12 months.

NFTRange T

The trailers feature a light semi-chassis, which it is claimed weighs significantly less than a full chassis trailer, and a heavy-duty, self-supporting floor that reduces drag by sitting 85mm lower than traditional units.

Aerodynamic body kits, including side skirts and roof diffusers, have also been fitted to the trailers, which are expected to cut emissions by up to 5%.

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Schmitz Cargobull has also incorporated a tyre pressure refill system, which monitors tyre status and automatically maintains each tyre at the optimum inflation level.

David Seaton, NFT Distribution fleet engineer, said: “We’ll be running these trailers for eight years, so the benefits will definitely add up in cutting our carbon footprint, which is important to both us and our wider EV Cargo group.”