RTITB, the regulatory body for workplace transport training, has launched a new Driver Compliance eLearning program.

The new program aims to help transport operators, haulage companies and logistics providers tackle the issues that lead to roadside inspections, delays, fines, and customer service issues.

The self-paced training program is delivered online in two to ten minute modules relating to compliance and safety issues.

Employers can select the modules they need to address their drivers’ specific issues, enabling targeted intervention.

RTITB said that by giving employers complete control, it also prevents unnecessary or irrelevant training topics from being included, making it a more efficient and effective approach.

Laura Nelson, RTITB MD said: “Many qualified and experienced drivers still fail to comply with the rules of the road.

“In the worst-case scenario this leads to serious incidents. Safety is the most important reason why drivers must navigate the roads smoothly.

“However, when drivers don’t observe regulations and best practice guidelines, this leads to other issues. For instance, drivers hours infringements, which 5% of drivers are still committing.

“These result in damage to a company’s Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) leading to increased roadside inspections. This causes persistent delays and can really cause customer service to suffer,” she added.

The new eLearning platform also allows employers to identify the common areas where drivers need to improve, enabling focused training interventions.

Nelson said: “Excellent drivers reflect well on your business. They show you are a reliable and responsible logistics provider.

“However, the way people learn is changing. Employers need to adapt their training if they want to maintain compliance and safety standards.

“With our new Driver Compliance eLearning, we provide a training format that many candidates prefer, giving it greater impact. The result is better driver compliance, measurable benefits for businesses, and safer roads for all.”