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Supermarket group Morrisons has renewed its contract with Norbert Dentressangle for the operation of two of its distribution centres in Scotland.

The new contract, which extends ND’s involvement for a further two years,  covers the 575,000ft² composite DC at Bellshill and the Eurocentral 85,000ft² fresh produce DC, also near Glasgow.

Christian Salvesen, which ND acquired in 2007 has been involved in the Bellshill DC  since it opened in 1989. The site was initially run for Safeway until its takeover by Morrisons in 2004 and operates seven days a week.

ND is also responsible for distribution to Morrisons’ Scottish stores, and for the distribution of frozen products to some stores in the north of England.

The contract also involves running a recycling operation that collects 60 tonnes of plastic and 1,200 tonnes of cardboard and sorts 2.5m trays every month.

In total, ND employs more than 1,000 staff on the Morrisons operation.