Operators have responded well to calls from the head of a new working group to get involved to help tackle the skills crisis, but even more involvement would be welcome.

RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning says he is pleased by the response from operators to his call to get involved in the initiative [see below] made earlier this year.

“There’s been a good number of volunteers,” Dunning tells “There’s no doubt that the issue of the driver population is a growing concern.”

However, with the first meeting of the Drivers’ Occupational Craft Skills Group not due until October, he says it remains very much the "more the merrier", and wants even more operators to sign up.

To get involved, e-mail Vicki Ball at Skills for Logistics (SfL)  at

Drivers' Occupational Craft Skills Group:

The group will take responsibility for matters relating to goods vehicle drivers, which includes both LGVs and vans. It will consider the skills mix required for the relevant occupations within the context of the Professional Development Stairway taking into account three elements: craft, employability and specific skills. It will meet at least twice a year, with regular email communication. Ultimately it will establish gold standards, help advise SfL on future skills priorities and act as a champion for skills issues around professional driving.