(Left-to-right): Moody Logistics planner Mark Fisher; Wave Direct chief executive Dan Luper and Moody Logistics MD Caroline Moody

Moody Logistics is bathing in the benefits of a hot tub craze which took off during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Northumberland-based family firm has helped online firm Wave Direct cut days off its delivery times after sales of hot tubs soared during the pandemic lockdown.

The company hired Moody Logistics in April to help meet the sharp rise in demand which has seen Wave Direct sales boosted to £11m this year.

Wave Direct co-founder and chief executive Dan Luper said: “What started out as a sideline has become an amazing success story. Inflatable hot tubs, which can be set up in minutes, are affordable and had been growing in popularity for some time.

“But during lockdown, with so many confined to home, they offered a touch of luxury and definitely allowed people to relax.

“Faced with so many orders to fulfil, we turned to Moody Logistics and they have proved a reliable, efficient and key part of the logistics chain, trimming days off previous delivery times.”

Caroline Moody, MD of Moody Logistics, said: “Hot tubs certainly have been a surprise hit. I think it’s been a combination of people having to cancel or delay holiday plans, spending more time in the garden and the sunny weather.

“I’m pleased that Moody Logistics has not only been able to support an outstanding North East business success story but that we’ve also played a part in bringing a little enjoyment to so many during these challenging times.”