Moody Logistics and Storage has become one of the first members of the Pall-Ex network to enable its customers to use what3words to ensure the pinpoint accuracy of deliveries.

The app identifies any three-metre location on the planet by encoding three dictionary words with geographical coordinates.

A standard postcode contains up to 15 addresses. However, this can rise to 5,000 deliverable endpoints if multiple residences are included.

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“This app makes the whole process much more efficient by directing our drivers to the precise drop-off point, such as a delivery entrance or safe place," said MD Caroline Moody.

“A delivery location might be on an extensive site or there may be multiple entrances, all of which are covered by the same postcode or street address which can lead to delays

“This is a really smart solution to an age old problem and will ensure any delivery errors are kept to an absolute minimum. This benefits both our customers and our business, in terms of saving on time, frustration, and fuel.”