Mercedes-Benz has launched its latest Actros L, claiming it is up to 7% more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

It features the aerodynamic ProCabin, first revealed during the world premiere of the battery electric eActros 600 in October 2023.

The ‘L’, which stands for large, luxurious, or level floor (take your pick) is available in StreamSpace, BigSpace or GigaSpace guises.

Mercedes has also hinted at plans to launch a version of its slippery new cab for smaller models but for the moment it’s only available on trucks with 2.5m wide cabs and level floors.

“We were completely focused on aerodynamics when designing this cab,” said Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, head of development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, at the vehicle’s launch. “Aerodynamics are super important for our electric vehicles to ensure we get the required range, but efficiency is just as important for our combustion engine vehicles. So, we took all the learnings to our diesel truck.”

The Actros L’s ProCabin is visually identical to that of the eActros 600. It makes use of the latest European regulations on masses and dimensions, and features an 80mm protrusion at the front of the cab.


However, unlike DAF and Volvo, which have also extended the rears of their cabs, Mercedes is not offering the driver any additional living space.

“It is not about length only, it is about the comfort that our drivers experience,” said Müller-Finkeldei, referring to several interior enhancements.

The new Actros L will go into production in December 2024, with UK orders likely to commence in the summer.

Unlike Volvo, which will continue to sell the current FH alongside the new Aero FH, the Actros L will only be available with the ProCabin.

The old cab will continue in some export markets, such as South Africa, but will disappear from Europe. The only exceptions are some heavy-duty SLT tractors.