MDF Transport has improved the speed and efficiency of its operations with the addition of two Schmitz Cargobull curtainsider semi-trailers.

The Great Yarmouth-based haulier has added the S.CS COIL and S.CS MEGA trailers to its 50-strong fleet of trailers as part of a fleet renewal programme. Both vehicles are used to transport normal and abnormal loads for customers across Europe.

This latest order builds on MDF Transport’s 20-year relationship with Schmitz Cargobull, which sees the company operating around 12 trailers supplied by the German manufacturer.

Mark Farrow, MDF Transport MD, said: “For our general and European transport, the semi-trailers give us much better flexibility to put what would normally be a specialist trailer load inside a curtainsider.

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“The S.CS COIL is great for heavy and wide loading with the extra-long side curtain. Around 15% of our work is in Europe. We might go to Italy, Spain or parts of Scandinavia with a load of drill pipe inside the S.CS COIL because it’s easier to reload with a curtainsider than a flat trailer.”

Farrow added: “As a tall curtainsider, the S.CS MEGA offers excellent load capacity for some of our general haulage work. It’s fantastic because it offers so much flexibility with its 3m-plus internal height. You can also raise the roof and put loads through the side.”

Both curtainsiders are equipped with Schmitz Cargobull’s galvanised MODULOS chassis, specified with VARIOS height-adjustable bodies and come with heavy lashing packages and stanchions inside to aid load securing.

“Schmitz Cargobull engineering design is really innovative and at MDF Transport we like to keep up with the latest technology when we refresh our fleet. Another major benefit is the longevity of the trailers and semi-trailers with their galvanised chassis,” Farrow said.

“When you buy a Schmitz Cargobull trailer, you know they are robust and built to last a long time. That’s a huge benefit when we are moving heavy and abnormal loads long distances across the UK and continental Europe.”