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Maritime Transport has reported a major reduction in total incidents since 2018 as it continues to invest in and improve its safety performance.

The business employs over 2,000 drivers covering 130,000,000 miles per annum and insists road safety remains an utmost priority.

The company rewarded drivers in December with annual bonuses in excess of £1.4m, averaging around £500 per driver.

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Established in 2013, the scheme is based on telematics scores and was introduced as a means of encouraging drivers to maintain higher levels of safety and compliance. A range of key performance indicators such as fuel efficiency, braking, and acceleration are used to monitor drivers and reward them accordingly, with the opportunity to become ‘top earners’ at their depots and earn more.

Top earners in 2019 received payouts of over £3,000.

Commented John Williams, Maritime group executive chairman: "Maritime operates intensively across the UK, and so it’s crucial we do things safely and efficiently, focusing on driver safety and the safety of other road users. Working within an increasingly demanding and challenging industry, I am incredibly proud of our drivers, and the high degree of safety they have helped us to achieve across the Maritime network. Without them, we would not be able to perform as we do and ensure customer satisfaction all year round."