Uncertainty surrounding Brexit last year prompted Lenham Storage warehouse staff to return to their home countries, resulting in a recruiting challenge this year according to the Kent firm.

In a review of its business covering the trading period ending 31 August 2019, Lenham Storage Company also that it had strived to keep it “business as usual” during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Results for the period showed that turnover increased by 5.9% to £39.1m, but pre-tax profits fell by 8% to £1.1m.

It said the year had been dominated by Brexit and that along with challenges faced by the implementation of Operation Brock along the M20, the company chose to rent additional warehouse space as clients increased stock levels.

Concerns over leaving the EU meant that it also lost warehouse workers, who either returned home or relocated to other European countries, specifically Germany, leaving a recruitment challenge for the business.

Lenham said it had seen a “hardening in the insurance market” with regards to fleet and employment practices liability and it was braced for a challenging renewal period.

The company added: “During the uncertain period during Brexit, and more recently the Covid-19 virus, the business has looked to keep business as usual, ensuring that the payment to creditors remains prompt.

“This furthermore extends to employees of the business who have remained in business throughout both periods and, any instances of employees leaving have been for personal reasons and not due to redundancies or closures.”