Subcontractors working for Lafarge Tarmac are to be audited by the aggregates giant to make sure they reach the standard required by Transport for London's Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (Fors).

As part of its strategy to improve cyclist safety and reduce vehicle emissions, Lafarge will next month become the first UK HGV fleet operator to be approved to undertake whole fleet Fors accreditation for its 1,450 vehicles, more than 1,200 of which belong to its contractors.

Lafarge said that while other operators may hold company-wide Fors certification for their fleets, it does not always mean their independent hauliers have received the same standard of driver training, or that contractor vehicles are adapted to meet scheme requirements.

The firm has set up an in-house network of 20 qualified Fors auditors to ensure every vehicle in its fleet complies with the standard and that subcontractors are given the guidance to adapt their vehicles and receive additional driver training. It expects to start this in May.

Sean McGrae, senior national transport manager at Lafarge, said: "Our ability to undertake audits across our fleet will help us to deliver the highest standards of health and safety and environmental best practice. This approach provides customers with the added reassurance that we have invested in the appropriate safety equipment and relevant driver training."

Head of freight and fleet at Transport for London Ian Wainwright said: "Lafarge has demonstrated a leading approach to safety and environmental standards across its fleet. It is also providing its independent contract hauliers with the necessary technical support and training to make both adaptations to vehicles and behavioural changes."