A haulage boss whose staff deliver to DHL’s Nisa depot in Scunthorpe said its drivers were being put at risk by the absence of social distancing taking place at the site.

The haulier, who asked to remain anonymous, said it was “totally unacceptable” that up to eight drivers were stood in the entrance to the retailer’s Lincolnshire depot with “no segregation” taking place.

A photo (above) taken by a driver on Tuesday 24 March appears to show at least six people in the room.

The haulier said: “My drivers have to deliver to this daily and I don’t see why they should be put at risk in this way.

“We go in there every day, it isn’t unusual to be sat there for four hours.

“We are told we are heroes, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re treated like this. There’s no segregation in the room. There were eight drivers in there and that was the entrance.”

The haulier added that one of his drivers made a delivery to the same site on 26 March and although there was a sign up advising of the need to self-isolate, there were still six drivers in the room.”

A spokeswoman for DHL Supply Chain said it took the safety of staff and employees seriously and all of its operations were following the government’s updated guidelines around social distancing “with clear enforcement by local management teams”.

She added: “On arrival at the Scunthorpe site, all drivers are required to observe the social distancing protocol and complete a Coronavirus questionnaire to confirm their understanding and compliance with the regulations.

“Drivers are required to hand in their keys and sit in their cabs until unloading is completed, while all tables and chairs have been removed from the office and replaced with laid-out squares to maintain social distancing.

“Hand sanitisers are widely available, both on the front desk and in wall-mounted dispensers, with signage reinforcing the protocol on the entrance door and walls.”

The DHL spokeswoman continued: “However, these measures will only be effective if all colleagues and visitors adhere to them.

“For this reason we are increasing our security presence on site to reinforce the social distancing protocol at every opportunity.”

Tom Cotton, RHA head of licensing and infrastructure, said: “People’s welfare is paramount and we cannot stress strongly enough that distribution centres must follow government guidelines on social distancing.”

Nisa did not respond.