Knowles Transport

Knowles Transport is transitioning into the e-commerce market and building on the experience of supporting its customers with their online sales throughout the pandemic.

The company said that in addition to handling an initial 30% spike in volumes, it had picked, packed and distributed over 20,000 food parcels for emergency services staff each day.

The experience laid the foundations for the Cambridgeshire haulier to start building on its e-commerce business.

It said online shopping had escalated to peak levels and despite the relaxation in lockdown measures, there was little sign that this was slowing down.

MD Alex Knowles said a transition to e-commerce was a natural extension of its services: “The grocery sector is ever-evolving, and the needs of our customers are consistently changing in line with market and customer demands,” he said.

“Covid has undoubtedly changed people’s shopping habits forever and it is important that we are able to accommodate these changes by providing a high quality e-commerce service to our customers.

“We already have the warehouse space and necessary IT in place and apart from some reconfigurations in the warehouse and the necessary packing facilities specific to customer requirements, we are good to go.”