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FORS Gold operator Kilnbridge Construction Services is introducing the Webfleet Video solution across its fleet of 140 HGVs and vans in a move aimed at reducing its fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

The move will enable Kilnbridge to monitor its fleet’s journeys and help the company reduce fuel consumption, cut carbon emissions, improve driver behaviour and minimise insurance costs.

Mick Kemp, Kilnbridge fleet manager, said: “As partners of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we are committed to minimising environmental damage – so our focus on reducing fuel usage is sharper than ever.

“With Webfleet’s automated CO2 reporting, we can now analyse all vehicle trips to find out how environmentally friendly they were.

“By feeding accurate fuel and CO2 data for our whole fleet, and individual vehicles, into our sustainability reviews, we are able to measure progress towards carbon neutrality and help maintain our FORS Gold operator accreditation.”

Kilnbridge is also using Webfleet Video to capture road and driver-facing events, Kemp said: “The in-cab AI cameras highlight unsafe driving behaviour, such as not wearing a seatbelt or mobile phone use to both protect engineers and keep us compliant by delivering on our duty of care.”

The video evidence the kit provides is also helping Kilnbridge to counter false claims and keep a lid on insurance costs.

”A rear end collision claim which would have cost us £48,000 was neatly debunked using high quality video which captured all the accident details and proved third party liability,” Kemp explained.

The company is also currently trialling the Webfleet Vehicle Check mobile app to digitise day-to-day vehicle inspections. The app minimises paperwork and streamlines the compliance process, allowing Kilnbridge to act quickly to resolve vehicle defects for safer operating conditions.

“Having the driver app, cameras and telematics all integrated on the same platform makes life so much easier for us,” Kemp said.

Beverley Wise, Webfleet regional director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, commented: “This is an excellent example of how Webfleet delivers on the green agenda and clients’ pressing sustainability demands, in line with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment.”