Blackburn-based Kenyon Road Haulage has bought some of the assets of fellow Palletways member Gilbraith (TS) from owner Pollock (Scotrans).

The deal sees Kenyon Road Haulage take 18 trucks, around 30 staff and some of Gilbraith’s customer base but not the business's Blackburn depot, which Pollock (Scotrans) has retained.

Speaking to MT, Kenyon Road haulage operations manager Paul Bailey said: “This is a good move for us as it expands our presence in the area and keeps the opposition away.”

He added: “As we took on all of Gilbraith’s drivers it also means we are don’t have to use any agency drivers.”

The purchase boosts Kenyon Road Haulage’s fleet to 80 trucks and brings the total number of staff to around 100 employees.

Bailey said the acquisition will help boost the firm’s turnover from £11m in 2018 to £13m this year.

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Pollock (Scotrans) bought Gilbraith (TS) in February 2014. Asked why the company had decided to sell some of it to Kenyon, MD Scott Pollock said the sale allows the firm to focus on its long distance haulage business.

“When Kenyon approached us it made sense as Gilbraith are about local distribution whereas Pollock is about long distance haulage,” he said.

He added: “Because Gilbraith was a local haulier its depot was the only one not under the control of our Bathgate depot traffic office.

"We are still using the depot in Blackburn and are keeping 14 to 16 artics there but as these are Pollock artics and as long distance artics they are now controlled by the Bathgate traffic office.”

Despite the sale of some assets, ownership of Gilbraith remains with Pollock (Scotrans).