ITUK Grafter 2021 Update

Isuzu Truck is expanding its 3.5-tonne Grafter range, with choices on gearbox and updates on steering and suspension features.

For 2021, the Grafter N35.125 6D Temp chassis is available in both single and twin rear wheel models, featuring the 6-speed fully automatic gearbox with sequential shift.

Isuzu Truck UK has also confirmed that the current Easyshift semi-automatic transmission option will continue to be the preferred option on the higher horsepower Grafter N35.150 model.

Richard Waterworth, Isuzu Truck UK head of sales, said: “We believe that the latest Grafter 2021 version is a most excellent all-round truck package that is ideally suited to UK operators.

“In co-operation with our colleagues in Japan, we have been able to refine the driving performance, reliability, and efficiency of this range, but keeping our unique forward cab design.”

He added: “2020 was a fantastic year-long performance for Isuzu Truck UK, especially bearing in mind that the overall 3.5 tonne chassis cab market was more than 14% down on prior year and we were in the middle of a global pandemic.”