Ryder Intercounty Sep 21 2

Cornish haulier Intercounty Distribution has invested in 14 new DAF XF530s in a bid to improve fuel efficiency and driver satisfaction.

The Pall-Ex member said five of the new trucks will be used to trunk the 480-mile round trip from its depot in Launceston to the pallet network hub in Leicestershire every day and night, while the other nine will be used for Intercounty’s general haulage fleet throughout the UK.

“These trucks provide a better fuel consumption than the other DAF model, the XF480, that we looked at taking on, so this made great business sense for us as well as reducing the environmental impact of our operation,” said Gavin Haines (pictured), Intercounty general manager.

“Driver retention and their well-being is massively important for us, and as the drivers spend four of five nights a week living in these spaces, making them as nice as possible is vital for ensuring they are happy.”

The vehicles were supplied by Ryder.