Scania has launched Erinion, a company specialising in private and semi-public charging solutions, which plans to install 40,000 new charging points at customer locations, slash operators’ investment costs and deliver annual operational savings of up to €15,000 (£12,600) per truck.

The new company will offer dedicated charging infrastructure installed at the customer’s home depot or other pre-defined locations.

Launched initially in the UK, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France and Germany, Erinion plans to install a minimum of 40,000 charge points at customer locations by 2030.

Erinion’s solutions will also be brand-agnostic to ensure businesses of all types, regardless of vehicle brand, can benefit from its charging infrastructure and operational services.

Scania said this inclusive strategy not only levels the playing field for all customers, but also fosters broader adoption of electric vehicles and accelerates the transition to electric fleets.


Benefits listed by the manufacturer include predictable charging schedules, increased uptime and maximum operational efficiency, and cost savings through predictable and stable energy costs that are matched to each customer’s specific operations.

Scania is predicting significant cost savings for customers using Erinion’s enhanced charging solutions. The manufacturer said customers can expect reductions in investment needs of up to 50% and operational savings of up to 15,000 Euros per truck each year.

Scania’s customers will also be able to take advantage of advanced integrated software and hardware, as well as operational services and support. The purpose-built and modular solutions can be offered as a standard re-seller model (with cash payments) or a hybrid-flexible pricing model that lets customers combine down payments, financial leases and rolling fees for service and maintenance. 

Jonas Hernlund, Scania Group head of energy and infrastructure, said: ”With our solution, customers get peace of mind and can focus on their core business, while a specialised charging unit takes care of the hardware, software, financing and operational services required to operate charging at scale with superior quality and cost efficiency.”

Gustaf Sundell, Scania Group executive vice president and head of ventures and new business, added: ”In the transition, the transport system will be redefined. Our new depot charging solutions company is a great example of an initiative that will play an important role for our customers in the future transport ecosystem when transition to electric transports.”