Telematics and IoT software platform Wialon has launched its annual global conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The three-day flagship event for the telematics, IoT and fleet software global community brings together experts from 50 countries with innovation and the transition to EVs and net-zero taking centre stage.

From improving fleet efficiency to driver and vehicle safety and security or enabling sustainability goals, the telematics industry has been energised by a recent IoT boom across several key sectors: logistics and shipping, the construction and heavy equipment industry, vehicle rental and leasing, cold-chain transportation and security.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, head of Wialon, told delegates it was now crucial to recognise the shifting landscape of fleets, and that the future of mobility is connected, autonomous, shared and electric.

“Telematics service providers play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of fleet operations, as fleet managers and business leaders face challenges revolving around three main pillars: safety, compliance, and cost-efficiency,” he said.

“At Wialon, our success stories range from optimising the operations of local delivery services, to steering the efficiency of massive logistics networks. Whether it’s navigating the intricate logistics of cargo shipping, meeting the dynamic demands of car rental services, or ensuring precision in the food industry, Wialon transcends being just a tracking solution; it’s a versatile tool adaptable to the distinct needs of every sector, and the diversity in size of fleets, in geographical cover or in industry and sector is an indicator of the scalability of our solutions and our partners’ services.”

Wialon, powered by software developer Gurtam, is one of the leading global telematics, IoT and GPS tracking platforms. Via a network of over 2,500 channel partners in 150 countries, the Wialon platform helps connect, track and monitor over 3.7 million vehicles and equipment.

Over more than two decades of developing software, Gurtam has powered over 300,000 telematics and IoT projects implemented worldwide by its partner companies - telematics service providers and fleet solutions providers.

The global vehicle telematics market was worth $85bn (£67.5bn) in 2022, and is anticipated to rise from $85.36bn in 2023 to $280.78bn by 2030. The surging demand is served by software developers like Wialon, which underpins and connects the business capabilities of telematics and fleet management service providers, GPS and sensor hardware manufacturers, and connectivity providers.