Companies can now track their trailers across vast geographical distances without a constant power source after a wireless network operator and an IoT provider teamed up to offer a self-sustaining asset tracking solution.

Heliot Europe, a Sigfox operator, and G-Lok Systems are offering ‘sub-gigahertz’ connectivity for its trailer and asset tracking solutions.

They said the product was developed in response to firms encountering problems from existing, power-intensive and unreliable telematics solutions that lacked adequate coverage for trailers, particularly when they passed between different transport firms during their journeys in low-coverage areas.

G-Lok said that by combining Heliot’s low-power, wide-area Sigfox network and its devices equipped with internal batteries, it removed the need for a constant power source.

Marco DaSilva, G-Lok MD, said: “Heliot’s support in providing us with this sub-gigahertz connectivity has been invaluable.

“Our technology, combined with its specialised network, allows us to offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to our customers across an array of applications, including fleet management, asset tracking, and geo-fencing.

“Our device is not only low-powered compared to alternatives, but is also self-sustaining. It features an internal battery and a solar panel, ensuring continuous operation even in remote locations.

“It is suitable for various assets, including plant hire machinery and large trailer fleets. It’s a versatile solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of different requirements within the industry, and it can support with proving transported asset protection association (TAPA) compliance.”