Delivery specialist Hermes UK is creating 1,400 full-time roles at its new parcel distribution hub in Barnsley which is set to open in September next year.

The company is looking for transport managers and warehouse operatives, as well as a general manager, operations managers, planning managers, engineers and health and safety officers.

Another 300 temporary and part-time roles will be available during peak periods, Hermes said this week.

The 320,000 sq ft hub, located on a 55-acre plot, will have the capacity to process up to 1.3 million parcels daily, boosting the company’s overall capacity to 4.4 million a day.

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The company said that, to future-proof and prepare for expected growth, further tiers will be added inside the hub in coming years. The hub runs parallel to the M1 and is strategically located off a new bypass road near junction 36, close to several of Hermes’ retail customers’ distribution sites.

Hermes, which operates the largest CNG fleet in the UK parcel sector, has pledged, as part of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, that over 50% of the vehicles operating from the site will be CNG-fuelled.

Other green initiatives include natural grassed acoustic bunds to absorb noise between the site and residential dwellings, a balancing pond, a biodiversity area and the planting of over 25,000 plants, trees and hedgerows. In addition the building will include solar panels on the roof and a rainwater-harvesting system.

Carl Lyon, Hermes chief executive, said: “With one year to go until we open our newest and largest hub at Barnsley, we’re pleased to be able to confirm that we will be creating over 1,400 full time roles at all levels and continuing to take our environmental and community responsibilities seriously alongside other tenants on the site. This is a huge investment and priority for us as we respond to the ever-increasing demand for online shopping and strive to provide a service that doesn’t cost the earth.”