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The M6 toll road (pictured) has been voted Britain’s most enjoyable motorway in a poll of HGV drivers.

Despite facing criticism since it first opened in 2003, 32% of truckers said the privately owned motorway was their favourite route.

The almost-permanently congested M25 came second with 31% of the vote and the M40 was third.

Surprisingly, the survey also found that 95% believe the UK is home to the best motorways in the world.

Researchers from Roadchef asked HGV drivers all about life on the road and found that a good motorway depends on the smoothness of road surface (62%), the quality of the services and rest stops (61%) and the likelihood of less traffic (51%).

Lorry drivers also rated the best motorways depending on how polite its drivers tend to be (47%), beautiful views (45%) and, somewhat curiously, just liking the M number (38%).

Further insights gleaned from the poll included heavy metal being the preferred music of choice for HGV drivers while out on the road (58%) and Kenny Loggins’ Top Gun hit Danger Zone being the best song to listen to (36%).

The UK’s best motorways, according to HGV drivers:

1. M6 toll 32%

2. M25 31%

3. M40 30%

4. M4 28%

5. M6 28%

6. M74 28%

7. M1 27%

8. M20 25%

9. M80 25%

10. M25 25%

11. M621 25%

12. M27 24%

13. M26 24%

14. M5 22%

15. M60 22%