051122 - BP Mitchell lowers insurance premiums with new Durite camera kits2

A Hatfield-based aggregates company said it had been able to fight ‘crash-for-cash’ claims and drive down its insurance premiums after upgrading its vehicles’ camera systems.

BP Mitchell Haulage Contractors moved from a six-channel to an eight-channel DVR system from Durite, which also included larger nine-inch monitors and side detection kits.

It also installed driver-facing cameras to protect employees from false accusations.

Mick Howe, transport director at BP Mitchell, said: “Operating in London we have to comply with the direct vision standard, so cameras are a must-have for us.

“However, we wanted a system that worked well for our drivers and enhanced safety as much as possible.

“The in-cab cameras are not a spying tool; they are for driver protection,” he added. “We use them to prove the driver was operating the vehicle correctly.”

The company, which holds FORS silver accreditation, said one benefit to the upgrade was a reduction in claims and lower insurance premiums: “As you can imagine with a relatively large fleet our insurance premiums were quite high,” said Howe.

“Thanks to the Durite cameras we have been able to fight crash-for-cash claims. Our premium went down this year by five per cent which is not small beer.”