A haulage operator has condemned the actions of a parking control firm that targeted one of its trucks on an Enfield industrial estate while the country was in lockdown.

KBC Logistics said Parking Control Management (PCM) should be “ashamed” of itself after sending the company a £100 parking control notice (PCN) when its driver pulled up to fill out paperwork.

The incident occurred on the 23 March on the RD Business Park in north London and director Dave Ashfield said he was prepared to see PCM in court over the matter.

Ashfield said he was already scheduled to appear at Sheffield county court at the end of the month to fight a case against another company, VCS, about a similar incident in Liverpool.

He said: “I think it’s getting worse.

“At the moment I have over £6,000 of outstanding penalties, although that’s going back three years to be fair.

“Nine times out of 10 most of them don’t bother replying or following up. I think they are just chancers.”

Ashford added: “Especially at the moment, I know how difficult it is out there. It’s just harsh.

“Like the NHS, these drivers are frontline workers. These guys are out delivering and they should get a little bit of respect if nothing else.”

In a twist to the situation, PCM announced on its website that it had closed its business as of 24 March, due to the pandemic.

The statement said: “We are very much aware and respect the government’s message that all UK citizens and businesses must play their part to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to ensure that the NHS has the ability to care for the inevitable, increased number of patients that will be affected by the virus over the coming days and weeks.

“For these reasons, Parking Control Management has taken the decision to close business.”

The statement added that its closure affected enforcement, patrols and its telephone line, “until at least the 14 April 2020 and all patrols will be temporarily stopped until 19 April 2020.

“We aim to resume patrols on the 20 April 2020.”

PCM did not respond for comment.