GRS Group has taken on a new batch of Mercedes-Benz trucks meaning it is now running the country’s biggest fleet of low-entry Econic tippers.

The three 3235 models were delivered by Motus Truck & Van and Sparshatt Truck & Van and takes the fleet line-up to 15.

The vehicles are now working full-time on construction projects in central London related to HS2.

GRS said the models were chosen for their “unrivalled” view from the driver’s seat, which was a key factor in the Econic achieving the Direct Vision Standard’s five-star rating.

Matthew Johansson, GRS Group plant and logistics director, said: “Our decision to invest so heavily in the Mercedes-Benz Econic was driven by a desire to go beyond minimum requirements and set the highest possible standards for safety, while at the same time future-proofing our fleet against any tighter future restrictions.

“We believe these trucks are the best option available for work in the busy urban environment of London.”

GRS Group's Econics

GRS Group’s Econics

Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Driver Peter Watson is regularly behind the wheel of a GRS Econic in and out of London. He said: “Some of the guys were unsure about the cab design when we first started with these vehicles – being so low down is not what we’ve traditionally been used to in a construction truck.

“However, we were all quickly won over. The panoramic view and the fact that you’re much closer to other people on the road makes the job of negotiating busy city streets much less stressful.”