Wholesale fuels supplier Greenergy has revealed it is planning to bring more of its haulage operations in-house after an initial insourcing operation a year ago proved successful.


The nationwide petrol and diesel supplier, which first decided to start running its own transport operations in April 2012 and initially employed 59 drivers for its 44 tonne GVW Flexigrid and Greenergy haulage fleets, told that the move had “gone well” and generated “a favourable response” from customers.

A spokeswoman for the firm said that while the move had not resulted in any cost savings, there had also been no cost penalty and that the move had resulted in improved operational performance.

“We have been able to offer new services to our customers who are now able to track the status of their order online. We also now have better overall visibility of our haulage operations, which is leading to more complete reporting and more accurate and better-understood safety and incident stewardship,” she said.

“Some customers are appreciative of the extra visibility, flexibility and security that an in-house haulage team provides and this has positively affected our supplier credentials when competing for new business with them,” she added.

Greenergy has “no regrets” about last year’s initial insourcing and intends to move more of its haulage operations in-house, she continued. “Our general policy is to insource our drivers as existing outsourced contracts come to an end,” she confirmed.

The firm will always maintain some outsourced haulage, however, to help cater for peaks and troughs or situations where specialist skills and equipment are needed, and to satisfy customers who want a particular haulage contractor to be used, she said.

Greenergy declined to specify how many trucks it now runs or what percentage of its haulage operations currently remains outsourced.