Girteka Logistics in bid to enter UK market

Brexit has left UK hauliers "like Bambi caught in the headlights” exposing them to an aggressive expansion push by Lithuanian logistics giant Girteka Logistics, according to its strategic director Kristian Kaas Mortensen.

The haulier, which owns and operates almost 7,000 trucks and employs 13,000 drivers, is on a drive to enter the UK market. It also plans to expand its fleet to 10,000 by 2020.

“We see Brexit as an enormous opportunity. We are very hungry to enter the UK market. The only reason we are not investing more is the uncertainty.

“It doesn't matter what the [outcome of Brexit] will be; the UK will still be an attractive market for us,” Mortensen told the Financial Times this week.

He added: “These asset-based owners of trucks like Eddie Stobart are challenged by these geopolitical changes. It's like Bambi (caught in the headlights) in front of the car. Bambi has been in front of the car for quite a while.

“This is the time for us to rock and roll.”

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Mortensen predicts that any disruption around ports created by Brexit will be short term.

“Once people start to get hungry, there will be some kind of solution. Once we have clarity we will invest in additional capacity to and from the UK as well as for domestic UK transportation,” he said.

Girteka delivered revenues of €764m last year and made €19m of net profit. The firm operates in Lithuania, Russia, the Nordics, and the rest of Europe, making it adept at cross border crossings.

“Border crossings are not a problem. UK border crossings will be no more difficult than other EU-area borders,” he said.