GeoPost/DPDgroup has signed a partnership with open innovation platform Plug and Play.

The year-long deal will see Plug and Play introduce GeoPost/DPDgroup to best-in-class worldwide start-ups that will work on key innovation challenges to provide the best consumer experience.

The Silicon Valley-based company brings together a network of 50,000 startups, more than 500 major corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities and government agencies across multiple industries.

Christian Kunz, Plug and Play director of brand and retail in France, said: “We are thrilled that DPDgroup has decided to join Plug and Play brand and retail as an ecosystem partner in order to boost their innovation and e-commerce strategies.

“As Europe’s largest parcel delivery company, DPDgroup plays a crucial role in the development and execution of many of our current partner’s e-Commerce services and strategies.

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“By joining our ecosystem of brands and retailers, both DPDgroup and our other partners will benefit from collaborating among themselves and the most innovative start-ups disrupting e-commerce and logistics."

Martin Calmels, DPDgroup e-consumer services director, said: “In a fast-changing environment, what makes the difference is the quality of consumer experience. Day after day, we all adopt the most sustainable, reliable, user-friendly and agile solutions available for each need.

“Therefore, improving consumer experience is essential to shape the business of tomorrow, and we believe that open innovation is the best catalyser of both technological advancement and consumer trends to answer our needs.”

He added: “By connecting our company’s innovation and marketing teams with the brightest start-ups, we are looking forward to boosting our innovation journey and accelerate our time-to-market capacity.

“Our teams are currently exploring highly interesting avenues for new technologies and services in the fields of C2C, social selling, new data usages but also for our sustainability priorities, which are essential for the future.”