FleetCheck is extending its offer of a free driver risk management app following the government’s decision to extend its furlough scheme to March 2021.

FleetCheck’s Back to Work App, based on the company’s Vehicle Inspection App, has been adopted by more than 150 fleets since it was launched in June this year.

Peter Golding, MD, explained: “Given the government’s decision to extend furloughing arrangements until the end of March, it seems right to lengthen the free availability of the app to match.

“Furloughing creates some quite specific issues when it comes to risk management and the design brief for the app was to create a simple but effective means of handling these issues.”

The Back-to-Work App covers areas such as driver health and fitness, with special attention paid to coronavirus symptoms, and the condition of the vehicle.

Golding added: “The app bridges an area of risk management for which there is no obvious solution – what to do about vehicles and drivers that have been outside of normal fleet operations for an extended period of time.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from the fleets that have adopted it, who recognise the need for thorough, auditable procedures in this area. What we are providing is something that will work off-the-shelf for the vast majority.”