Prometeon Fraikin Sep 20

(Left-to-right): Peter Fairlie, Prometeon Tyre Group UK and Eric Baley of Fraikin

Fraikin has appointed Prometeon as its tyre supplier for its fleet of 3,100 rigids, tractors and trailers.

Under the three-year contract it will supply and manage Pirelli and Formula tyres, with servicing provided by Prometeon’s nationwide network.

As part of the agreement, Fraikin will also benefit from Prometeon’s centralised billing and management reporting system.

The move marks a return for the tyre company, which was previously in partnership with Fraikin between 2006 and 2017.

Eric Baley, Fraikin engineering & procurement director, said: “We are looking forward to working in partnership with Prometeon once more.

“Our Fraikin workshops, as well as our mobile technicians, are involved in the tyre husbandry, and the training support provided by Prometeon is crucial to enhance our expertise.”