Fox Group has acquired muck away and aggregates organisation Tipworx and bulked up its fleet, plant and staffing levels in the process.

Paul Fox, MD of the family-run Fox Group, said: “This acquisition makes perfect sense for us.

“Tipworx is a well-run business with great people and has a track record of providing excellent services to a wide range of clients across the region.

“It also means that we get a welcome boost to the group’s existing fleet of vehicles, and recycled aggregates supply.”

Blackpool-based Fox Group has made several strategic moves to expand its capacity and reach in recent years.

Last year it acquired Blackledge Plant Hire; in 2021 it welcomed JJ O’Grady to the group and the year before that saw the acquisition of Hurt (Plant Hire).

The latest deal means Fox Group now has a combined 360-strong wagon fleet and more than 4,500 items of plant and machinery, together with over 860 employees.

Fox said: “Tipworx and managing director Darren Brocklehurst are a welcome addition to the Fox Group. It is a major part of our group’s continuing strategy of growth.”

The company added that Tipworx was now able to offer the group’s further services including plant hire to its existing customer base.