Former staff at Duncan Adams are taking legal action against the Grangemouth haulier for failing to consult on their redundancies.

The Unite union confirmed its solicitors have around 50 claims from employees, which will be lodged on their behalf.

The company entered administration last week after an unsuccessful effort to sell the business.

Deloitte said it had been incurring “significant losses” due to certain contracts, coupled with difficult trading conditions.

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Mark Lyon, Unite regional officer, said the union had held a meeting last weekend, where its solicitors advised members on their rights “and to initiate legal action given the failure of Duncan Adams to consult on their redundancies”.

Speaking to, Lyon said: “If they were going to close the business in an orderly way, then they would give notice of redundancy.

“But because the company suddenly goes to the wall, almost overnight, then there’s no real opportunity for the employer to consult.

“Obviously they must have known this was coming, though.

“Those cases will be pursued and will take a few months.”

Lyon added that one positive aspect to the situation was that a number of Duncan Adams’ staff have already secured employment elsewhere.