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The new owner of Clugston Distribution Services is linked to Malta-based HLD Group which bought AM Widdowson and Sons in 2015 and Crewe-based Davis Haulage in 2016.

Clugston Distribution Services (CDS) was sold to holding company AJWG last week, following the collapse of parent company Clugston Group.

AJWG managing director Demis Armen Ohandjanian is also chief executive of HLD Group.

AM Widdowson, which was bought by HLD Group in June 2015 and renamed Loglecdissol, was put into administration just one year after its purchase while Crewe-based Davis Haulage was placed into administration and sold in a pre-packaged sale process to Buffaload in December 2016.

Ohandjanian has taken on the role of MD of CDS and appointed Alistair Clugston (pictured), great grandson of Clugston founder JG Clugston, as group chief executive.

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Alistair Clugston is the owner of Clugston International Trading which specialises in selling trucks to overseas markets.

Asked for more details on Clugston’s appointment, a CDS spokesman told MT: “Alistair and his co-investors are going to form a new group based around three operating Clugston businesses - distribution and commercial vehicle services, international sales and property.

He added: “Alistair is investing his 100% shareholding of Clugston International Trading Limited into the group in return for a shareholding in the group overall. He will also be group chief executive.”

Clugston International Trading is a separate company to Glugston Group and is wholly owned by Alistair Clugston, who did not hold a directorship at Clugston Group. Its latest accounts show total net assets at £73,206.

Before Glugston Group went into administration, Clugston Distribution Services operated a 95 strong fleet of bulk food, powder, steel, petroleum tankers, intermodal tipping frame trailers and curtain sided vehicles.

It also ran the group’s in-house vehicle maintenance facility.

Turnover at CDS was around £16m per annum.

Unlike its parent company Clugston Group, CDS was not put into administration and continued trading.