Firestone has launched a new regional on-road truck tyre range, developed with its parent Bridgestone’s Enliten technology - which it said optimised total cost of ownership.

It added that the range had been engineered to reduce the environmental footprint for fleet operations due to the longer mileage and improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessors.

Firestone said the tyres provided a mileage that was an improvement of up to 20% and a cost per kilometre that would be reduced by 10%.

It said the longer wear life and optimised fuel efficiency was down to the introduction of Enliten, which combined technologies to provide safety and performance for drivers while improving the sustainability of the tyre.

The tyre range will be available in six additional sizes as part of an expanded line-up with the first on the market this month.

“Truck fleets need tyres that combine year-round reliability with a reduced total cost of ownership – especially in today’s climate,” said Waqqas Ahmad, commercial sales director at Bridgestone. “Leveraging Enliten for the first time, we’ve directly addressed these real-world customer needs to develop a new Firestone truck tyre range that aims to become the best choice in the mid-segment.”