FairFuelUK (FFUK) is demanding the creation of an independent watchdog to monitor pricing and transparency at the pumps, amid warnings that the cost of fuel could hit £1.43/44 for diesel.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel held its annual general meeting earlier this week and new FFUK chairman, Charlie Elphicke, said the government needed to set up PumpWatch – a powerful watchdog that would ensure hauliers and drivers were getting a fair deal.

The Dover MP said: “It’s clear drivers are being ripped off by greedy big oil companies and others in the fuel supply chain. As pump prices head towards £1.20 [and £1.44 for diesel] we can see how prices fall like a feather but jump like a rocket when the oil price changes.”

FFUK is urging members to ask their MPs to lobby the chancellor to cut fuel duty by three pence in his Autumn Statement on 23 November, as well as announce the launch of PumpWatch.

FFUK co-founder Howard Cox said: “We are hearing that pump prices could be hitting £1.43/44 for diesel. This clandestine world of the fuel supply chain needs a pricing watchdog with teeth, to protect the UK’s 37 million drivers.

“It’s also critical that this Brexit government should cut fuel duty now to support the economy and everyone in the UK.”