Fergusons Transport increased profits by 38% last year, despite it being forced to tackle problems arising from the pandemic, supply chain difficulties and spiralling costs of fuel and wages.

Latest financial results for the Cramlington haulage and warehousing firm showed that in the year ending 30 September 2021, pre-tax profit increased to £255,000.

Turnover increased by 5% to £20.9m.

Analysis of its revenues during the period showed that around £1.6m of the increase was generated in its haulage division; conversely, turnover within its warehouse work fell by £730,000.

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The company said: “The pandemic again resulted in the business furloughing many of the operational staff for periods in accordance with government guidelines and some office staff working from home.

“During March [2021], however, we were able to start to progress towards normality as our customers also started to resume their activities.

“Many customers experienced supply chain difficulties, which had an impact on operations and these are currently continuing to cause interruption to productivity.”

However, Fergusons added that despite the challenges, the board regarded the pre-tax profit increase as a “very satisfactory result after such a badly interrupted trading year and is testament to the efforts of all employees”.