ITUK Fagan&Whalley 06.21

Fagan & Whalley is attempting to resolve its driver recruitment problems by launching a training programme that relies on 3.5-tonne Isuzu Grafters.

The haulier’s ‘Future-Bound’ programme is designed to provide training opportunities for those wanting to get involved in logistics and driving – but without entrants having to acquire an HGV licence first.

Daniel Wood, Fagan & Whalley operations strategy director, said: “The prime motivation behind the introduction of new Isuzu Grafters into our fleet is to develop our Future-Bound programme, which will play a part in addressing the current driver shortage issues by attracting new people into our industry.

“The Isuzu Grafter is the perfect truck for teaching people about driving a truck as it has all the attributes of a truck without having to have the formal qualifications to drive it.”

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Wood said the vehicles, with curtainsided bodies, are being used to teach applicants about load security, ratchet strapping and tail-lift procedures, as well as loading and unloading of curtainsiders.

The company said that the over engine cab design of the Grafter also gives potential drivers first-hand experience of driving a truck, as opposed to a bonneted vehicle.

The two Grafters Fagan & Whalley has acquired will also be used for daily deliveries within the Palletforce operation of the business.

Its Future-Bound scheme was launched this year and invites applicants with a UK driving licence to work towards their HGV qualifications, beginning with 3.5-tonne trucks and progressing to 12-tonne, 18-tonne and 44-tonne vehicles.