Evri, formerly known as Hermes UK, is trialling a photo service which will alert customers once their parcel has been collected or explain why a collection has been unsuccessful.

The move is aimed at improving its communications with customers using the service to send or return parcels.

The trial involves a selection of couriers taking photos of parcels once they have been successfully collected, including from a ParcelShop or Locker location. The photos will be available to the customer alongside their tracking information.

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Photos will also be taken when an attempt has been unsuccessful due to access issues; the size and/or suitability of the parcel; no response from the address or problems finding the address.

Evri said the photos will help explain why the delivery failed and contribute to finding a solution and enable the courier to flag problems such as road closures and any technical issues.

Commenting on the initiative Joe Tarragano, Evri chief product officer, said: “We are always looking at ways to improve our service and, if the trial is successful, sharing these photos with our customers will provide another layer of communication about the journey of their item.

“In addition, where there is a problem it will be easier to identify and resolve quickly.”