New electric van data revealed December as a disappointing month for van sales, apart from e-vans which defied the shrinking market with an “impressive” performance, according to the latest research from New AutoMotive.

The research found that despite an overall slowing of sales, e-vans have continued their steady growth over the last few months, claiming 8% of the overall market last month.

Green motoring consultancy New AutoMotive said that this demand for electric vans is seen throughout the entire year.

According to its latest Electric Van Count (EVC), whilst the overall market shrank in 2022, e-vans accounted for 6% of registrations this year, up from 4% in 2021.

A total of 16,846 e-vans were registered, compared to 12,185 the year before.

The consultancy reiterated its call for government to acknowledge growing demand for e-vans and raise its Zero Electric Vehicle (ZEV) mandate targets.

The consultancy said the targets, which will require manufacturers to sell a set percentage of EVs in the UK from 2024, do not reflect this burgeoning trend towards electric van adoption.

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Under the proposals only 8% of all UK van sales will be required to be electric in 2024, rising to 11% in 2025, 14% in 2026 and gradually increasing each year to 43% in 2029 and 100% by 2035.

Ciara Cook, research and policy officer at New AutoMotive, said: “The electric van market has shown resilience in a month which saw just under 8,000 fewer vans registered compared to figures from last year.

“For the fifth time this year electric vans have surpassed the level of market share proposed as an initial target in the forthcoming ZEV mandate, which is slated to start this time next year.

“This is progress - but it demonstrates just how out of date and out of touch with the market these proposals now are. It is imperative that the government takes note of the progress achieved this year and revises the target upwards, or else the mandate risks holding the industry back.

“It is important that the gains that electric vans have made in the market over 2022 continue to be consolidated and improved upon in 2023. This means that the government must continue to offer support to businesses thinking of switching to an e-van.

“Prioritising the grants offered to those seeking to make the switch, as well as continuing to offer support to businesses during the ongoing energy crisis, is crucial to continuing to encourage the uptake of electric vans.”

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