An Essex haulier that successfully faced down a parking firm’s threats of court action has written to the DVLA seeking clarification as to whether it is supplying private businesses with its fleet vehicle information.

KBC Logistics said it had complained to the licensing agency for “misuse of keeper data” as it receives around six letters a day from parking firms claiming it owes them money.

The company refused to back down when UK Car Park Management attempted to take legal action over an unpaid £60 PCN.

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Eventually, the firm gave in, but KBC has now taken its fight to the DVLA.

In the letter, director Dave Ashford said: “For the last two years I have received several hundred letters from these companies and associated collection agencies threatening action for the unpaid penalties, the oldest one being June 2017.

“The amount of correspondence is ridiculous.

A DVLA spokesman said: "We are writing to the customer with regards to his concerns and the specific issues mentioned in the letter."