Around 100 HGV drivers working for aviation catering firm DO & CO have agreed to a 14% pay increase following a row over pay disparities.

The Heathrow-based drivers had voted to commence strike action earlier this month but this was suspended when the catering company tabled a new offer.

The Unite union said the dispute arose when 1,800 workers in various roles transferred from Gate Gourmet and DHL Supply Chain by TUPE to DO & CO in the summer of 2020.

The lorry drivers complained that the incoming staff had retained a higher rate of pay.

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Unite said the agreement meant new starters and drivers who commenced work at DO & CO before summer 2020 would receive a pay rise worth nearly 14%.

Those who transferred from Gate Gourmet and DHL will see a wage uplift of 6%, with pay now balanced for HGV drivers across the company.

In addition, drivers will now be covered under Unite’s recognition agreement with DO & CO. Unite said that previously this agreement only applied to drivers who had worked at Gate Gourmet and DHL.

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary, said: “Our members at DO & CO stood firm in their demands for equal pay and their determination and solidarity has resulted in an excellent result.”