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DigiHaul is helping M&S reduce its logistics-related emissions by using its technology to bring down empty running and improve network visibility.

The freight tech firm is using its backhaul matching solution, which relies on the latest tech to identify complementary journeys based on their location and type of goods, to boost return load optimisation and it said carbon emissions from the retailer’s transport network should reduce as a result.

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In addition, DigiHaul said it was enabling M&S to have a comprehensive view of its network and locating hidden capacity to improve journeys and reduce road miles and help work towards its 2040 net zero goal.

Mark Lemming, M&S supply chain and logistics director, said: “Our Plan A initiative is a driving force within the business, keeping our focus on building a more sustainable future.

“Partnering with DigiHaul to optimise our transport logistics and tackle empty running helps us on our journey to net zero.”