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Delivery and fulfilment firm Diamond Logistics is expanding its network with the recruitment of three new partners.

Newtown Powys family business 2nd Generation Logistics, which is a subsidiary of Station Couriers, has joined the Diamond Logistics network to grow its e-commerce client base and serve customers in the mid-Wales area.

Wigan operator Scorpion Couriers has also joined the network to serve customers in Greater Manchester along with Cardiff operator Elite Couriers, which is set to deliver across South Wales.

Diamond Logistics offers an express, same-day courier service, overnight or international delivery plus storage and fulfilment for online businesses across its network of logistics partners.

Kate Lester, chief executive and founder of Diamond Logistics, said reliable UK storage and fulfilment is even more essential in 2021, highlighted by recent delays caused by Brexit and France’s closure of borders over Christmas which challenged just-in-time supply chain operations.

Lester added: “Stocking locally in micro-fulfilment centres - especially if Europe is part of your supply chain - looks like a smart move right now.”

She advises businesses to hold more stock if suppliers are EU-based as insurance against future delays and recommends using a logistics provider with multiple carriers to distribute goods, so if one fails or stops or reduces services, there are multiple alternative choices.

Lester said: “We look forward to welcoming more network partners in 2021, and plugging them into our despatchlab technology to help them manage delivery processes and head off any curve balls the year may bring.”