DHL quiet truck at Quiet Cities

DHL has launched its gas-powered quiet truck at the inaugral Quiet Cities global summit.

The vehicle, a two-axle rigid Scania P-280, has a spark ignition Otto Cycle engine, which has the potential to reduce engine noise by half compared to that of a standard diesel engine, enabling out-of-hours deliveries to be made in urban areas.

It is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and Biogas and, compared to a standard Euro-6 diesel truck, produces 68% less particulate matter and 39% less nitrogen oxides.

DHL has improved the visibility of vulnerable road users by requesting the vehicle’s cab have a lower line and field of vision compared with a standard design. Other design features include a low-entry cab, glass panels on the nearside door and a 360 degree birds eye view camera with in-cab display.

Nylon components and pneumatic technologies have been used on the roller shutter of the trailer, to reduce noise levels, while a Noise Abatement Society and PIEK-certified tail-lift, run on a motor operating between 60 and 65 db(A) reducing noise further. A directed, tonal, alarm, which allows noise outside the hazard zone to dissipate quickly, has been fitted, running at 5db(A). The tear-drop trailer was supplied by Don-Bur.

Transport minister Claire Perry said: “As cities and town centres become more populous, commercial transport companies face the difficult task of making journeys safer, cleaner and quieter.

"The new concept vehicle from DHL is a positive step in the right direction to addressing this issue and I encourage industry-wide adoption of the latest technology to ensure the highest standards of road safety."

Tim Slater, MD, transport at DHL Supply Chain UK & Ireland (pictured right with Leon Daniels, MD of surface transport at TfL), said: “As part of DHL’s commitment to making transport safer, cleaner and quieter I’m incredibly proud to see our new concept-vehicle launched.

“While I truly believe this vehicle will be transformational in driving industry towards a better future, DHL will continue to invest in innovative vehicle technology, alternative fuels, accident prevention systems and driver training to ensure we’re always delivering the best service for our customers and supporting the UK’s environmental health.”

  • TfL launched its industry-led guidance on re-timing deliveries at Quiet Cities today. The Getting the timing right document was produced through the collaborative work of the Re-timing Deliveries Consortium and includes advice for local authorities, businesses, fleet operators and freight industry representives who wish to make out-of-hours deliveries.