ITUK OMU 02.21 A

A dentist couple in Hampshire have put a smile on the faces of parents and children by launching a mobile orthodontist service – using a 7.5-tonne Isuzu truck.

Emma and Ben White realised how much time was being wasted by parents taking children out of school for routine check-ups and so they decided to provide a radical dental service on wheels.

The Isuzu orthodontic mobile unit (OMÜ) offers orthodontic treatment including braces and treatment plans and makes the service more convenient for parents with pupils in schools.

The couple chose an Isuzu N75.150E as the base chassis and it was fitted with a specialist mobile dental clinic body built by Torton Bodies.

“The result is amazing,” said Ben.

“The vehicle draws attention wherever we go but most importantly, we have definitely made the whole process of orthodontic treatment far more patient-centric.”