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Penrith, Cumbria-based Dent Logistics has signed a five year deal with Goodyear in a move that will see it commit 100% to the manufacturer as well as utilise its fleet management service TruckForce.

The deal, which sees Goodyear replace a “premium” incumbent, will see Dent Logistics fit KMAX as well as on- and off-road Omnitrac tyres to its fleet.

Martin Hall, finance director at Dent Logistics, said that Goodyear understood that running a cost efficient fleet was a priority for the business, and it compiled a package “that allows us to really optimise our tyre spend”.

“The price per kilometre business model enables us to manage our tyre investment with much greater predictability,” Hall added. “The length of this deal shows the great level of trust we have in Goodyear’s ability to provide exceptional product performance, alongside the level of service support we need to minimise downtime through TruckForce.”