DHL Supply Chain has seen demand for its fulfilment business soar by 150% in eight months.

The company said the surge in demand is being fuelled by new customers requiring dedicated e-commerce fulfilment operations and increasing numbers of small and mid-size (SME) businesses using DHL’s shared fulfilment service.

The shared network offers storage and pick, pack and carrier management for rapid direct-to-consumer shipping. It is designed to give SMEs their own channel to market and the opportunity to scale up.

Spencer Conday, MD for supply chain solutions at DHL Supply Chain, added: “We’ve all witnessed the significant growth in online shopping over the last year, both for the B2C and B2B markets."

He added: “Our fulfilment solution really allows SME players to focus on the things they do well and feel safe that we’re dealing with all their logistics needs."

DHL has also recently launched the DHL European Fulfilment Network, which offers online retailers access to 30 fulfilment centres across Europe for processing, picking, packing and shipping.